Geeky Search Stats

I often peruse Google’s zeitgeist. This offers a little insight into search trends, covering most searched terms in the US and around the world. Geeky, I know. A more comprehensive list has once again been compiled at Google Blogoscoped by collecting a list of the top words used online. Not too many surprises in the… Continue reading

Not a Webby nominee?!?

The Webby Awards are kind of like the Academy Awards for the Web and they’re in their 10th year of featuring the so-called best of the web. Keep in mind that these are not necessarily websites that are popular, well designed, offer great examples of usability but are more about creativity and skills. Surprisingly,… Continue reading

It’s a Video Web

As predicted, video continues to be huge on the Web, keeping up is the biggest challenge. Part of my research for A Wonderful Web takes me to new video sites. One that folks have their geek eyes on is which adds an additional element to video in the ability to scroll using a kind… Continue reading

Brother MFC 3220C Woes

I spent half the day trying to fix a printer issue after constantly getting an Error 41 message. Pulled the machine apart, flushed the printer head (several times), did a quick Google search for some helpful hints and came across this thread. A lot of folks with the same headaches. Not good PR for Brother.