Google Notebook

Not quite what we were expecting, Google Notebook isn’t the online Microsoft Word that was being bandied around. More like a bookmarking service without the tagging. Of course, it’s worth checking out AOL continues with their copycat status by launching their YouTube clone 

A Yankee doodle

Went to New York and caught a Yankees game. First time at the stadium, even more of a reason to be a fan of New York. Still don’t know what all the fuss is about with that baseball game though.

More Google…

Came across Google co-op recently, finally entering the social search marketplace with discussion groups and user contributions in addition to delving deeper into vertical search, giving users the opprtunity to refine their search results. Even more exciting is the announcement of their widgets or “gadgets” as they are calling them which appear to be tied… Continue reading

Google Trends

The folks at Google have slipped another one out of their labs. Google Trends offers up a method to view what people have been searching for and compare it to another search word or phrase. Probably not of use to most people except to satisfy some form of curiosity but for online marketers like myself,… Continue reading