Not a Webby nominee?!?

The Webby Awards are kind of like the Academy Awards for the Web and they’re in their 10th year of featuring the so-called best of the web. Keep in mind that these are not necessarily websites that are popular, well designed, offer great examples of usability but are more about creativity and skills. Surprisingly, is not there but I guess I haven’t been blogging enough yet, probably next year then.

Anyway, they have a place for the People’s Voice where you can vote for your favorite sites. If nothing else, you can check out some pretty impressive sites like and

Webby Awards People's Voice
Winners are announced on May 9th, 2006. Dont worry, I’ll remind you.

2 Comments Not a Webby nominee?!?

  1. flemo

    Thanks brotten but I blog for the love of blogging not for any notoriety or awards…although if one was to nominate me I think it would probably be rude to refuse would it not?

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