Net Neutrality Update

While I still think it’s an overreaction, an interesting addition to the fray recently as the House of Reps voted 34-22 in favor of the giant telecommuncation companies. I said before that it’s most likely a storm in a teacup but it can’t hurt to take action.

BBC 2.0

Gotta love anything that annoys Rupert Murdoch. Apparently Rupes is dirty at BBC’s plans to take their digital empire to the next level, creating a truly interactive user experience. Naturally it has rival broadcasters hopping mad as it uses public money. Meanwhile they’ve been dabbling with the possibility of advertising to users outside the UK…. Continue reading

Net Neutrality, Net Schmutrality

It always baffles a person like me as to how these things become issues. Net neutrality (or Network Neutrality as it is often referred) offers equal access to all users. It prohibits network and telecommunication giants from interfering or altering traffic on the Internet. The issue is that large telecommunication companies have been lobbying Congress… Continue reading