Nothing like some WP Spam to make a guy feel good

Akismet does a great job of preventing a lot of spam comments on your blog. A few do sneak through but a lot of them can be very complimentary.

“hello there, i just saw your web portal via google, and i would like to tell that you express interestingly good on your website. i am truly struck by the method that you write, and the subject is excellent. anyways, i would also like to acknowledge whether you would like to exchange links with my website? i will be to the great extent than willing to reciprocate and put your link off in the link exchange area. waiting for your respond, i would like to convey my appreciation and cheers!”

I mean, for someone to “express interestingly good on your website” is quite obviously a very touching sentiment and one not to be taken lightly. Of course I am willing to reciprocate.

And this one

“Cheers for this informative article. I am constantly searching for information on different subjects and it’s seldom far away on the internet. I’ll be coming back soon.”

They will be coming back soon. That’s great news. But my favorite of late that really offers up the warm and fuzzies and actually finishes with a smiley face is

“I view are made up of unnecessary waste copied from some other websites a trillion times, nevertheless I have to give you credit this website is in truth decent and also possesses a lot of unique substance, therefore kudos for stopping the trends of exactly copying other people’s websites,”

My website is in truth decent. If you don’t have a few comments slipping through the cracks, maybe once in a while have a little peek at what it does pick up. It may well cheer you up.

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