Social Media Nicknames or Social Media Slang

I don’t consider myself anywhere near an expert at Social Media but do use as many tools as I can to check out and see if there is any value there for myself or clients. In Australia, we have bizarre nicknames for just about everything so I was poking around to see if folks use nicknames for certain well-known Social Media ‘moves’ but I came up empty. I figure it might be time to try and build a starter list.

Changing of the Guards – someone who replaces their profile picture more than 3 times in a week.
The Grizzuti – a person who only retweets (named after Barbara Grizutti Harrison who coined the quote “There are no original ideas. There are only original people.”)
The Drew – someone who uses social media to promote a fund-raiser or charity. Named after my mate Drew who sold his twitter name to Drew Carey for the Livestrong Foundation.
Brokeback – someone who keeps threatening to quit using social media tools like twitter but just can’t seem to do it. Named after famous Brokeback Mountain movie quote “I wish I knew how to quit you.”
Earhart – a person who suddenly disappears from the Social Media Radar (most likely because they are applying for a job).
Peeping Tom (also lurker) – someone who watches Social Media conversations but never participates.

It’s a start. I’ll keep building on the list but any suggestions are welcome and I’ll make sure to add.

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  1. Buzz Studios

    Nicknames are something that must be earned but i like the idea. I know a lot of users who go Brokeback or threaten to but never follow up. I suggest one for someone who runs multiple accounts like The Law & Order or The Schizophrenic. Good luck:)

  2. flemo

    I’m thinking maybe The Procrastinator but it’s more like The Inquisitor or something. Have to think of a cooler word than that but yeah are so many out there.

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