Recently been using Jimojo Hotspot Internet at a hotel in Byron Bay and gotta say, it’s pretty painful stuff. To start with, we’re talking about 0.43 Mbs download speeds and 0.03 Mbs upload speed so not much faster than dialup and all for the princely sum of just over $10/day. It’s frustrating, and any attempt to contact them seems to go unnoticed. Amazingly, for how important Internet Connections are these days, these guys get a big thumbs down for their poor connection and their even worse handling of the situation. This would certainly make me think twice about which hotel to stay at in the future.

Since this original post, according to other users the Jimojo service has not improved a whole lot. Fortunately options have improved and many should consider tethering their smart phones. Here’s a quick guide. Make sure to double check with your provider.