Jimojo Internet Review – Spotty at Best

Recently been using Jimojo Hotspot Internet at a hotel in Byron Bay and gotta say, it’s pretty painful stuff. To start with, we’re talking about 0.43 Mbs download speeds and 0.03 Mbs upload speed so not much faster than dialup and all for the princely sum of just over $10/day. It’s frustrating, and any attempt to contact them seems to go unnoticed. Amazingly, for how important Internet Connections are these days, these guys get a big thumbs down for their poor connection and their even worse handling of the situation. This would certainly make me think twice about which hotel to stay at in the future.

Since this original post, according to other users the Jimojo service has not improved a whole lot. Fortunately options have improved and many should consider tethering their smart phones. Here’s a quick guide. Make sure to double check with your provider.

21 Comments Jimojo Internet Review – Spotty at Best

  1. Rob

    I have to agree, i have spent over 70,000 hours online in 15 years, i have used many, many, servers but, Jimojo Hotspot is the biggest rip off i have come across, 100 dollars a month for 3 gig, the download speeds are pathetic, i mean, dial up is faster, and the server goes down, and up, and down, all day! how they are alloweds to operate has me beat! crooks, are the only word for it!

  2. Chris Carlin

    I have been staying in an appartment at Trinity Beach, north of Cairns, i hooked up with Jimojo Hotspot, well, as the previous reviews state, total failure, what a waste of money, and a total rip off…these people should be banned, i mean even dodo`s 9.90 dial up plan is better, $100 dollars a month,wow! how is it permitted in this day and age??

  3. Jimojo

    Hi guys,

    its disappointing you dont feel that jimojo provided a useful service. First off, Jimojo provides a temporary internet access, and does not try or want to compete with ISP’s such as dodo. We are a service for short term guests staying at hotels (generally) so we in no way try to complete on price with any ISP. Secondly, speed will vary depending on a number of factors, the most important on being signal strength. If you have poor signal strength, you will have poor speed. As a rule you speed will max out at 1000k, and uploads will be up to 128k. Also if you had contacted support we would obviously have tried to help you.

  4. Sgt. Cold

    No, Mr Jimojo those guys are right! I am using your sad version of “internet right now. I am on the Gold Coast and the signal is absolutely pathetic. It goes off all the time and it is as fast as a turtle. I can hardly even use Skype it is so bad, and if you want to play a game…forget it! I am paying $150 for 4 weeks. And on top of all this your advertising is misleading, particularly if you are trying to cater to people in hotels. You say “full access” but in the fine print we find that you really mean “6,000 MB limit “! That’s not full access. And on top of it all the $150 must be DOUBLED for every laptop in the house if they want to get on the internet too. So if there are only two of you staying somewhere for four weeks and there are usually more people than that who vacation together, it would cost over $300 an month. That’s what I am paying, $300 for two laptops in one unit. I wonder how many unsuspecting people you have caught in that little trap, you shyster.
    I have paid far far less for this type of service in the past and had several computers hooked up, with NO bandwidth limits!
    I don’t mind paying a little bit more for the service but this is ridiculous. You could have had me as a long term customer but I will be cutting off Jimojo BEFORE my time is up and switching to someone else. At this point I can’t wait to get rid of you! You suck!

  5. flemo

    As i stated i did try to contact support both via email and phone. I did get an answer but it was to contact the hotel and they will deal with it. I did that and they sent me back to you guys so i gave up the yo-yo as I was only staying another day. In any event, it really does not seem like an isolated case so may be worth addressing.

  6. R. H.

    Actually I really agree with all comments except “Mr. Jimojo” ‘s one. I access the web through Jimojo at one of Gold Coast hotel, and really frustrated all day and night. I just want to make contact with my home and friends in Japan by E-mail, but I need to struggle for few hours for just sending one message. Do you want to be frustrated as such? if you consider using this fraud service, please chose another one. Jimojo is the worst I have ever had, and of course they never help you but leave your troubles as a trifle opinion of just one of easy marks. Be careful.

  7. Des

    My wife had the same trouble as these other people!They said: First off, Jimojo provides a temporary internet access, and does not try or want to compete with ISP’s such as dodo. We are a service for short term guests staying at hotels (generally) so we in no way try to complete on price with any ISP. Secondly, speed will vary depending on a number of factors, the most important on being signal strength. If you have poor signal strength, you will have poor speed. As a rule you speed will max out at 1000k, and uploads will be up to 128k. Also if you had contacted support we would obviously have tried to help you.] HAHAHAHAHA,
    The speed maxes out at 6.4 kb a second, they are in competition with other isp`s, one can get a wifi from Optus, $99 gets you a wifi modem with 8.5 gig of date and the speeds are EXCELLENT! Like 400kb a second, what difference does it make if its short time, or long time, what their saying is, its ok for them to rip off people on holidays! go back to your Mojo, Jimojo, you crooks!

  8. madamew

    Avoid jimojo like the plague. They will take your money and are impossible to contact. If you have been suckered in, get your money back via your credit card’s dispute resolution process. This is the only way they will be forced to clean up their act.

  9. Ray

    Last visit to Cairns i had the missfortune to find a brocure in my apartment advertising Jimojo, i signed up for 3 months, $300 for 9 gig, for that sort of money i thought it would be a quality server, so i payed, after 1 week, i disconnected them, i
    found it impossible to contact them, the server was up and down all day and night,
    When it was up, the download speeds were discraceful,i mean, 10 minutes to open a page, i purchased a stick modem from Telstra, 90 dollars , including 8.5 gig, the download speed went from, dialup speed, 7-8 kilobytes a second with Jimojo to 400 with the stick modem..
    As MADAMEW said, start a dispute resolition via your credit card, why the Minister for communications dont shut people like this down, is a worry! By the time somebody does something about them,they wont care, as they will have everybodys money! Beats me how crooks like that can sleep at night!

  10. Kate Lamb

    Wow listen to this, I’m no particular supporter of any one side but I can tell whingers from a mile away. Yes I did use this jimojo at a hotel (in Byron Bay) and it worked to my expectations. I had the option to use it, didnt have to but chose to. Worked as I would expect. Get over it people, It really grates me when I read stuff like this, bitter people expecting something for nothing and when they dont get it they pay out the vendor out of spite. Nice.

  11. flemo

    I’m not hearing that people are expecting something for nothing here. I’m hearing people actually paying for a service, that service not living up to expectations and then that service not dealing with it appropriately. If you had a good experience, it’s certainly also important to share that (though calling people whingers and spiteful seems significantly off-base).

  12. Holidayer

    I am using jimojo for a few days and have found the network performance very poor. Works ok for a 10 mins then just disappears completely for a few minutes. Often have to switch to between a couple of jimojo SSIDs to get anywhere. Raised a ticket with a very minor question but zero response.

    In summary, jimojo is expensive but crap. They are not a serious business if they can not respond to customers. That is unforgivable.

  13. Ariel

    Worst service in the world.
    internet is slow and expensive! They rip you off.
    I asked for the service to be stopped and they charged me the next three months.
    They wouldn’t give me a refund and was very rude.

  14. Random

    Looks like a very raw nerve has been touched here. I am currently staying in Brisbane in a short-term apartment complex. I need internet and email access for work and personal projects, so I purchased 4-days of Jimojo access and now I wish I hadn’t. Give you an example of how slow the speed rates are – I was trying to view a 3-minute video on YouTube, but after 20 minutes of trying, only 45 seconds had loaded, so I went out for dinner. When I got back and hour later, the video had only loaded to the 2 min. 39 seconds. I gave-up and shut it off. I will be cancelling the balance of my 4 days of service and go to my office for internet access. It really is terrible.

  15. johno

    At a hotel on the Gold Coast and just had enough of this service constantly dropping out every few minutes.
    What a crap service save your money and sanity do not use this crap provider.

  16. R

    Good to see that in the THREE YEARS since this was posted, Jimojo have not changed. I’ve been forced to use them for 2 weeks in Tasmania while proper net gets set up. In my first half hour of a $90 2-week plan (with a paltry 5GB limit!), it took >30s to load facebook, 5minutes to load a 3min youtube video at 420p, socket closures (i.e. game disconnects), and 15minutes to download 3MB app updates. NONE of these were occuring at the same time.

    The service slows down to being utterly un-usable, below 56k dial-up speeds during peak hours – I don’t know if it was due to having even one other person sign on to that hotspot or what. I lodged a ticket within 1/2h of signing up. The “helpdesk ticket opened” immediately went to my junk folder for failing fraud detection (what!?), and no response in THREE WEEKS, AFTER MY SERVICE ENDED.

    The stupid thing is, they claim breaking the download limit will shape the connection speed to 128k, but most of the time it was below that speed anyway! I have NEVER experienced a service this terrible. Even 3G in Papua New Guinea, a third world country, was better

  17. TB

    Hooked up to Jimojo and been cranky ever since. I ended up walking to an internet café, accessing a file and downloading it and came beck to my motel file Jimojo was still trying to open the site. Motel owners beware – I will not be booking a room in any motel that promotes this service

  18. M

    I came to Australia for a study abroad and was forced to buy Jimojo, as my landlord only offers this and I didn’t know about it. As there is a max. of 1Mbit I thought it would be around 500kbit-1Mbit speed, as it should be.
    However, I can not explain how bad this service is! It NEVER works longer than 5 minutes and the speed is not worth beeing mentioned. Using Internet for University? Impossible! Chatting with your friends at home? Forget it!
    Even canceling this service wasn’t possible. I had to go to my University to cancel it, because Jimojo was to slow to deal its own service…
    I will never ever use this service again! Just a rip off

  19. Rob

    Staying in Coolangatta for a few nights and sign up with Jimojo so we can use the notebook. No end of grief. All the same issues as discussed above! They have not picked up they act in three years since you wrote your article. Love the place we are staying at but will have to organize some other internet service next time we are down this way. In the meantime we’ll have to keep using the iPad with the prepaid.

  20. Disappointed

    Jimojo is hands down the worst ISP I’ve ever used. It’s mind-bogglingly slow. Don’t use it if you have any other option available to you. I felt like I had to post this after seeing how log this review has been up with Jimojo not making any improvements to their service.

  21. Mr e

    Searching for why Jimo-jo-oh-no are shit and came across this. No option but to subscribe at my Motel near Windsor, NSW, if I wanted connectivity, despite realising I had a head-banging against the wall experience of them two years ago in a rented apartment in Brisbane. Connectivity so bad here that I can go off and make a cup of tea and whilst waiting for the home page of google in Firefox to open and still come back to be disappointed. Un-fucking-believably bad service for a prince’s ransom should be their strap line. For me, whenever I’m looking at staying anywhere in Australia and I need internet connectivity, i will now ask if wifi is with Jimojo. If it is then I’ll go elsewhere. My only small pleasure is that I’m using their service to post this. Mind you I fear it will cut out before I can warn the unwary.

    Mr e

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