Apple v Windows

Its a feud akin to the Hatfield & McCoys (just without any violence and probably more teeth) and I promise not to put my 2 cents in. (Mac’s rule folks). I was following an interesting little post on Slashdot speculating that many Windows user are dissatisfied with the product, possibly opening the door to Apple. Naturally the dialogue that follows is a mixture of entertaining and annoying. It seems that the feud continues to escalate though.

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  1. RWS

    If Apple were to convince folks that they are easier to use without much of a learning curve they might have figured out the “Tippint Point”. The folks from Apple have never been able to do a very good job of positioning eve if people continue to grumble about MSN. I am still a PC user – why – it is all I know and until the Apple can convince me otherwise I will continue. I am not a heavy graphics user so the issues don’t affect me as much and to relearn is just not what I want to spend my time with.

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