A Wag in the Valley

There’s a stir amongst the online kingpins created by Valleywag in accusing the likes of Mike Arrington of Techcrunch, Om Malik of Giga Om with John Battelle of Federated Media right in the middle. In a nutshell, we have an online advertising campaign created by Federated Media for the Microsoft People Ready system/service/software (still a little obscure in my books), with some of the big names in the tech blogging world offering (being pay for) their support of the Federated Media campaign. So now we have Om Malik asking to be pulled from the campaign and many folks questioning the integrity of Arrington et. al.

It’s really not surprising, those who follow the top blogs closely are quite aware that some dodgy behaviors happen behind the scenes…it seems only Om is willing to step forward in this instance.

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