Your Website is not a Showtime Rotisserie

Most of you should remember the whole “set it and forget it” slogan that was used in infomercials for the Showtime Rotisserie. This is fine for a Rotisserie, particularly if it is able to turn off automatically but it is rarely a good option for a website. We increasingly come across websites that simply sit around, waiting. Waiting to not be updated mostly.

I recently came across an interesting statistic from that cited:

“Social Media Is Prioritized and Utilized More Than Managing the Company’s Website Content”

This is despite the fact that users trust a website more than they trust Social Media. So why would a company spend greater time and resources on Social Media than their own website? Because Social Media is new? My best guess is that there is less of a barrier of entry. How much easier is it to set up a twitter account as opposed to updating a website or modifying code for SEO. I can tell you that our most successful clients are those who put a lot of effort and energy into their actual websites. They are ones who understand prioritizing their Internet Marketing. So stop ignoring your website. Hopefully you spent a decent amount of money on it, take advantage of it and leverage what you’ve got.

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