Winston the Slippery Spammer

I get a lot of spam and don’t really read it but some come along that may be worth speaking out about just in case you are ready to sign up for their services. A colleague of mine received this email and thought I should sign up for it, especially if it guarantees page 1 results. Mind you, we already have a lot of page 1 results for that client but still received the email:

“I had stopped by the site and took a look at your ranking and just wondered if you’d be at all interested in having your site appear on page 1 of Google, Yahoo, MSN and a few other major engines – Guaranteed page 1 within 7-14 days 100%. Yes, I’m a real person, Yes, I actually just came back from viewing your site. I already know you get a ton of offers day to day. This is obviously different, I have plenty of references. Call me at home if you want to, I work at home all day long building sites, optimizing adword campaigns, doing press releases, doing graphic design, basic freelance work for multiple people. My number is below, please let me know either way as I’m not going to pester you again if all you have to say is no.

What it is I plan on doing is working to get your listings on page 1 naturally, until I am able to do so, I pay (out of my own pocket) for your sponsored listing/pay per clicks which would appear on page 1, so you really have nothing to lose as you will be on page one either way. In any event, if this would be something you’d be interested in having me do please let me know as I’m only going to do this for a handful of people as it takes time to monitor everything.


I might think about doing a similar campaign to see if people actually go for it. I’m sure they do. I did a little checking into Winston and discovered that he has a website which is a child of the parent company MyTrafficButler who did the same sort of thing (albeit with a different angle) and got slammed and deservedly so. Looks like he’s at it again. Ignore him and try a reputable firm who don’t contribute to the degradation of genuine email marketing campaigns. Or the Internet in general.

5 Comments Winston the Slippery Spammer

  1. Patty

    I just received that exact email from Winston, good thing I decided to do a search of his phone number. Glad to see you’re watching out for us. 🙂

  2. Chuck

    Winston is an idiot. If there is a Winston. Anyone who knows even the very basics of SEO knows it takes longer the 7-14 to get an organic listing on anybodys page one. He also talks about site design in his spam email. is a joke. Some cheapass flash, some Ottmar Liebert guitar stuff, looks like 4 pt font, the FAQ links to a google seo blank page. Beware folks.

  3. Gloria

    got his email, worded slightly different, thanks for the heads up, SEO services is something we are in need of but not if it’s garbage.

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