What on Google Earth is that?!

Google Earth and Street View have both provided great fodder for those with plenty of time on their hands, the conspiracy theorists or simply those looking for weird and wacky things. After recently telling my Mum about Google Earth, she went ahead and started having a look around the globe, starting of course, in her own backyard. It wasn’t long before she stumbled across someone who has somewhat of a resemblance to me walking in front of the local post office. Many agree, others (like my wife) do not. While the face is mostly hidden, there are some notable similarities. You can view it on Google Maps.

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1. I have been known to talk on a mobile phone while walking.
2. I have a watch that resembles the one shown in the image
3. I do have sneakers that look like those and have been known to wear the ankle socks
4. I wear shorts that look like these ones
5. I have a solid physical build not unlike the one in the image

1. That shirt doesn’t look familiar
2. The legs are too skinny (could be the angle)
3. No gray hair at the temples
4. The belly area looks a little larger than mine (could just be bad angle though or simply my own interpretation of my belly:)
5. I was only in Sydney twice last year for a total of 6 weeks so what are the odds of that!

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