What is it with the pillows?

Apparently many folks have discovered the wonders of these “New Generation” pillows but for me, I kept getting this spam message. Mostly from different people and sometimes with different messages but it’s all about the damn pillows.

“From: janellesmom@embarqmail.com
Subject: Contact
Sent: 03/18/2008 at 08:36 AM from

Name: Vera Reed
Address 1: 498 RT 23
Address 2:
City: Franklin
State: NJ
Zip Code: 07416
Country: USA
Comments: I stayed at a Hotel that used your pillows and loved them. Can the consumer buy them? It was a polyester “New Generation” pillow. Thanks Vera

There doesn’t seem to be any benefit to the spam message. Having stayed at several places that had these pillow, I did some further digging and it does seem that there is some validity to the quality of these pillows. If anyone has any specific information about these pillows, please let me know and I’ll make sure to pass on.

**Update** – Two websites that commenters have mentioned carry these “New Generation” Pillows are the Carnival Cruise website and the Harbor Care at Home website.

19 Comments What is it with the pillows?

  1. Susan DeVito

    I’m looking for those damn pillows, too….my husband and I just came back from Vegas and our hotel (The Polo Towers) had the most comfortable pillows, duvet and bed linens….I peeked at the inside of the pillow case and saw the tag, “New Generation”. So naturally, I tried to research the manufacturer online but it seems there is no direct manufacturer that I can find….except Harbor Linen which I don’t believe sells the products retail. However, I did find a online store via Carnival Cruise Lines (go figure) that is called the “Carnival Comfort Collection” and they post prices. The pictures of the pillow and duvet look the same as the ones from our hotel. I was trying to shop around for the best price but so far the latter site was the only one selling them retail… Hopes this helps anyone else looking for those damn pillows!!!!

  2. Sahar

    So did anyone order from Carnival? Which pillow do I get the New Generation or the Soft and Downy? both are from Harbor Linens….


  3. patty

    I’m looking for those pillows also. we were on a carnival cruise and I do say those pillows were great.

  4. Dena

    Check out the carnival cruise website. They are a few dollars cheaper than the harborcareathome web site.

  5. cyndi

    we stayed at a luxury resort and loved them too. Found them at the above site and they are a great price with free shipping and 2nd pillow 1/2 price, plus pillow/dust mite free covers for free.

  6. Retta

    My husband has been asking me to look for these pillows since we stayed at a hotel in Williamsburg in May 2010. They were so comfortable, I had to look at the inside tag too to find out who made them. Thanks for the info on where to purchase them. I looked up newgenerations website and they had no retail purchase link available.

  7. Cindy

    Thank you so much for the link for Harbor Linens retail website. I have had a hard time with pillows due to a neck injury from a car accident. We went to the Bedford Springs Resort in PA and LOVED the pillow. Amazing. Just ordered it and am excited for quality sleep. Thanks again for the info.

  8. Leisure Travel

    Once upon a time we stayed at swiss hotel Loret Parkand and we are now not able to find those pillow too, I may have lost them. humm i really miss them.

  9. carole

    I too stayed at the Luxor Vegas and these pillows are amazing I went to Bed Bath and Beyond in Florida no luck still hunting so going to try the web sites others have mentioned I just need these pillows.

  10. Cesar

    I just stayed at the Coco Key hotel in Orlando, Fl for new year’s, and my wife and I are already on the hunt for the Soft and Downy pillow. They set up five of them on a king-size bed and we slept like never before.

  11. Caroline

    Last stop of our two week Hawaiian Island tour found us in Kona….right beside the talk of the islands beauty was the discussion by lots of us of the wonderful pillows. Definitely going to be purchasing some!

  12. kim brook

    thanks guys! Im from UK and desperate for these pillows!
    I have emailed both harbor linens and the carnival comfort websites – see if they can help!

  13. Lifeonmars

    If in the Uk then you will probably have to use a shipping agent will buy for you like bordorlinx or Big Apple Buddy as Carnival or Harbor linen do nt ship outside the US.
    Nor will they deliver to a shipping address in USA to hold for collection.
    remember UK customs will want about ?33 for VAT which is paid after delivery .
    Best link to supply and cheaper is

  14. Eduardo Chongkan

    I was checking out the prices in the links above but everywhere I see pricing to be around $30 per pillow. Say I want 4-6, that would be around $120-$180

    With $180 you can get a 12 pack at Hotel Supplies Group. ( at around $15 per pillow for the standard size )


    As mentioned in the last comment above, if you are outside of US, you probably need to send it to a courier or PO BOX in miami to get it shipped to your own country.

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