The Rise of the Individual Brand

I had never really given much thought to my own brand, certainly concentrating more on a companies or a show brand but with so much information available online, it has become evident that everyone has their own brand now. If I am interviewing someone for a job, you can bet that I will be Googling them to find out a little more about them (that they may or may not reveal during an interview).

So I haven’t really made a concerted effort to plan or check regularly on my own brand or even develop it. I started this blog as a lark and just tend to put up random stuff that I find interesting (and I certainly neglect it regularly when times get busy). Funnily enough, I try to keep a low profile online but it has become evident that there is a greater need to be a little more proactive about it. I have a lot of online accounts both professional and fun that all points back to me, good and bad. These range from LinkedIn profiles and Facebook accounts to other blogs and web shows like Best Damn Tech Show, Period and E-Verse Radio, both of which can be hit or miss at times but provide an outlet for some form of creativity and also experiments for translating to client services. I always tell everyone that if you’re going to be selling a service, you’d better have some experience doing so.

So by accident I’ve kind of separated my professional profile (the very sensible Paul Fleming) with my more creative personalities (that’s right, there’s more than one) which for all intents and purposes is Flemo or So now all I have to do is come up with a plan. If you have a plan, let me know. Have you thought about your personal brand? Maybe you should…I have a feeling it’s going to be big business in the future.

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