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documentsThink about how much information is floating around the www. News websites, blogs, magazines, videos, photos and audio fills up our online activities and are, more often than not, destinations that drive our online activities. So while you’re busy focussing on how that button on your website looks or what your current keyword ranking is maybe you should be paying a little more attention to how you can contribute to this bevy of information that is being indexed by our Googlebot friend or shared with people’s networks via twitter or facebook. If you also assume that folks aren’t out there looking for your product or service then maybe your business model is flawed (or your confidence is low) because on the Web, there are millions of people out there looking for something. I’ve personally been amazed by some of our clients who have products so unique that i was blown away purely by the search data so I don’t question these things any more. So where do you start? For some, a blog is good foundation and one that offers the greatest control. But it’s not really about control, it’s about getting out there. It’s about sharing.

Articles – chances are you may already have some of these floating around but if not, get going. A strong article talking about your services, distributed through the many article websites can be an effective weapon in your arsenal. Depending on what you’re offering, sometimes a single interested web surfer who seeks to take action on that article can demonstrate a significant return.

Video – people love videos, just look at the popularity of While there are certain elements people look for in an online video, simply touting your wares or even yourself can be a powerful differentiator and yet another way for folks to find you.

Press Releases – the web is filled with these bad boys (a little saturated sometimes) but again, if you have something to say, don’t rule out the power of a good press release to share your news. For some it can be an announcement of a newly designed website. For others, it can be a truly newsworthy announcement that should be shared with the world. Whatever the reason, getting it out there is a good start which may continue through Google Alerts, a blogger picking it up and posting it on their website, someone tweeting it or Buzzing or adding it to Digg or the thousands of other community sharing opportunities.

Guest Blogging – leveraging the power of an existing blogger with a built-in community is a great way to get your message out. Chances are the bloggers will also appreciate the extra input.

If you’re afraid to share your ‘trade secrets’, you’ll most likely be scooped by someone else sharing their (your) ‘trade secrets’. If you’re not a good writer, get one. If you’re afraid of diluting or damaging your brand, spend a bit of time and money doing it right.

As always, time is a factor but there are ways to overcome this obstacle either by getting help or shifting a few things around to make the time. Getting proactive with your content is a surefire way to start or continue building your online foundation, often with some nice side effects (like SEO for example). I’ve been swayed into making purchase decisions by a well written article so don’t think that others wouldn’t.

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