Microsoft Office for Mac at $99

I recevied an email from MacMall offering Microsoft Office for Mac the 2008 edition for $99. Actaully a pretty good deal but why would you bother? I’ve been using NeoOffice for about 6 months now and must admit to really loving it. My experience with Pages was ho-hum mainly due to compatibility issused – by defalt they save as .pages and then you have to export a separate file for a .doc which is familiar to many. NeoOffice saves it as .doc (with a couple of questions asked) and takes into account the compatibility. This means only 1 file which, in these days of information overload, really makes more sense.

I had MS for mac prior to that and it was OK but for the $150 price tag does nothing but increase the overall cost of being part of the elite. Now after experiencing the joys of NeoOffice (and to a lesser extent OpenOffice) figure that even @ $99 seems incredibly bloated (like the actual software).

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