MS Spreading the Word

Recently came across the latest marketing tool by Microsoft The premise is a “new video that highlights people, their passions and often the technology they are using.” It’s a very well designed site although an interesting choice of Quicktime…looks like mp4 and flash player w/o audio controls. I like QT so no worries says… Continue reading

Google Calendar

So we’ve been touting the Google Office Suite for a while now, then came writely and now Google’s Calendar app “CL2”. Check out these screenshots Meanwhile, Google’s latest acquisition is @Last Software, a 3D design toolmaker they worked with while building Google Earth. Not much info at this stage but I’m sure we should stay… Continue reading

Web Blog Master

Largely credited with the discovery of the web (no, not Al gore), Tim Berners-Lee appears to have recently taken up blogging. A warning though, you may need to refer often to your dictionary and have your professor on hand to interpret.