OK so I think I may have almost convinced my wife that you can really watch TV on your computer. Her computer sucks, it’s no secret (it’s ACER people…cheap and nasty) but she keeps hearing me and others talk about using your computer to watch movies and tv shows (and not just DVD’s) online. I showed her YouTube…she wasn’t convinced…too much crap, people talking about themselves, only short clips etc. I showed her a few of the others, blip and revver and metacafe etc. ad infinitum. That’s right, there are a bunch of them. She still remained disillusioned. Again, just short clips and people talking about themselves (or annoying people more appropriately).

So I showed her PeekVid and something turned her. I don’t know if it was Gilmore Girls or Saved by the Bell that changed her mind but she was impressed. Then she saw that you could watch movies that hadn’t been released yet and it was all over, she’s a convert. It got me thinking though. PeekVid may do it for me and mine but what about you and yours….maybe there are others that will help convince them to explore this exciting medium further. Here’s my top 5.

1. PeekVid.com – As mentioned above, they have a decent resource of tv shows and movies for your viewing pleasure.
2. ChooseandWatch.com – cable tv stations available on your browser (can be a little sluggish at times tho) but has sucked a lot of my time. Recently updated their look. Also ChannelKing as a bonus in this realm.
3. Viewmy.tv – a slick interface separates this one out. The ability to sort by region and genre is a big plus.
4. TV-Video.net – if you missed an episode of one of your favorite shows like Prison Break or Heroes, here’s where you’ll find and be able to watch them.
5. Bleenks – offers a few unique shows that may not be available elsewhere. Can take a while to figure out how to find something.